AAFX Trading Review 2023 Detailed Information about AAFX Trading Forex Broker

The bonus grid rolled out is cool, but if you plan to withdraw often – it can be something completely unnecessary really. Yeah, it’s easy enough… Funding can be done with numerous payment methods, including wire transfer, CC, Webmoney, e-wallets. But on the other hand, they are stuck with purely MT terminals and don’t give us any right to choose, I would like to have some choice and variety. Once upon a time, back in the early days of my trading with AAFX Trading, I was trading with good profits using a grid of orders.

The broker has got bonus program as well.I was able to fulfill it successfully due to the high leverage offer and the fact I trade a lot during the day. Have to warn you that these requirements fulfillment is probably not possible if you only invest or do couple trades a week.The other thing is that AAFX has a limitation. If you exit the trade in less than 1 minute, trade results will be omitted. So yeah, you can still scalp here, but if your plan is HFT robot to run on MT4 – than this is probably not a good idea. Withdrawals are free of charges and go smoothly.Trading is performed through Metatrader platform. It was hard to believe that earning at the financial exchange is not a fiction, but a reality.

aafx trading reviews

I think that in 60 seconds you will not be able to earn the necessary money, so I see no point in this. I agree that everything here is not as sweet and positive as it seems at first glance. For example, I’m totally unhappy with the fact that there’s no copy and social trading here, so there’s definitely no way to get at least something in a passive format. The educational resources here are not too powerful, but it can be interesting for newcomers who don’t have enough experience yet.

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I wonder how much it costs for the broker but it does it for us and I’m grateful for the opportunity to trade with fixed spreads. But the fact is that the broker’s account is already good. To trade successfully with AAFX, you don’t have to open an account for $20,000, because on an account for $100 trading conditions aren’t worse, spreads are not raw but tight enough. This is the strong side of the brokerage, the rule “The more money you have on your deposit, the better trading conditions you have”- does not work here. For me, my broker is key importance in trading, because it is my partner, that can provide me with the opportunity to trade and manage my money. With aafx I got full freedom of action and it seems to me that I will continue to cooperate only with this company.

aafx trading reviews

I enter the market very rarely but when I do, I put a large volume on the table. If the market goes against me, I put more haha. I know this is a dangerous strategy but the market is keen on reversing, and the only way to catch strong trends is to start seeking the reverse. The brokerage offers attractive trading conditions for that approach, so I got nothing to complain about. A modern forex broker is a combination of reliability, support and range of services. Besides, there’s a large list of funding methods to choose from.

When calculating trading costs, we measure the cost to trade one lot of EUR/USD using the broker’s account with the lowest minimum deposit. The cost includes both the spread and any commission charged. For a new clients aafx gives free 35% welcome trading deposit bonus with min 500$ deposit in a beginning.Good opportunity to start earning even from a start.

It allows me to grow and develop as a trader. Well, as far as I know, it’s possible to withdraw funds to a card, an e-wallet or make a bank transfer. You can always withdraw to a card or e-wallet without any commission. But a bank transfer without a commission is withdrawn only for the amount of $ 10,000 or more. Yeah, guys with several million can trade with large banks and they don’t need high leverage. But people like the author of this article forget that there are billions of people who don’t have “spare” $5-10 million to invest.

I like the fact that it doesn’t charge too much money from the traders who work with it, they are free to keep the major part of the profits to themselves. Some of the traders https://broker-review.org/ can also trade with huge leverage, but they must be careful not to lose everything at once. THe only thing I don’t like is that there is no choice of trading platforms.

In this case, AAFX Trading offers support for MT4 and MT5 and InstaForex offers support for MT4 and MT5. The company’s focus on superior service has been frequently recognized by the industry. AAFXTrading.com was the recipient of the Malaysian investor show winning the best broker of asia 2013. This is not the first time I have come across reviews where their analytics are not very praised. I wanted to trade without swaps cuz my strategy needs no swap trading.

Are there any regulatory warnings against AAFX Trading?

If we compare the USA with a less developed country, we can see that it is 1 PPP in the USA, and in less developed countries it is from 2 to 4. This means that in these countries you can buy 2-4 times more goods than in the U.S. for 1 dollar. But the salaries are 6-10 times lower there, so people live poorer. People from poor countries simply couldn’t get into the rich ones and earn as much As americans or Europeans do. Now everything has changed – we have the Internet. Look, traders in Kenya or Malaysia trade in the U.S. stock market, earn the same money as traders from the U.S., but live in countries where almost everything is 2-4 times cheaper.

But if it registers in the U.S., it will have to take twice as much money to compensate for the taxes. I hope you understand why the AAFX isn’t trying to get the US or EU license?. The broker wants to be convenient for the client, not for Uncle Sam . I’m trading with AAFX company for a 3 years and has come a long way from a newbie to semi-professional trader. I can say that AAFX is one of the best companies to come such a way, as it provides everything to help you become a really professional trader and to help you learn as much, as you can. There are a lot of assets, including CFD stocks, indices and 15 most popular commodities, as well as forex stuff.

aafx trading reviews

You either let customers have what they want or go for regulations and licenses. This is basically the choice brokers have got nowadays. In this light AAFX is just another broker who has chosen to follow the demand, not the rules of politicians.

Forex 35% Welcome Bonus- AAFX Trading

These thieves had the gall to want to re-victimize me by requesting that I pay back negative balances incurred on my accounts as a result of their illegal tampering. It was gut wrenching and I hope somebody holds them accountable somehow, someday. There’s MT4, so it works well, as in any other brokerage.

So I would like to see some courses for advanced traders here. It would be great if the training was done with a tutor. This would significantly improve the results of beginners. But overall, my review of the broker is positive.

  • The money is accepted on the card within a day, a deposit is funded instantly.
  • Shortly – statement that offshore registration equals to unreliable broker is wrong.
  • As you all know to make money with AAFX Trading you need to have a lot of time to learn demo trading.
  • However, when I started trading, I made a $200 deposit and faced the fact that the broker offers limited training.

But if support told you, I don’t see a reason not to trust them. I open an account, was trading for two weeks and requested the withdrawal. In general, everything is ok, the only thing I didn’t get the bonus. It was understandable, there is no bonus to come along with 100 dollars, anyway I would have to refuse from it to make a withdrawal. One drawback is that the educational materials are poorly presented and lack depth, making it a poor choice for beginner traders. However, InstaForex’s market analysis materials are detailed and frequently updated to help traders make better trading decisions.

And second, a trader can enter the capital-intensive markets, even if he doesn’t have his own significant funds. When I trade with a broker, I know that AAFX has flexible conditions for traders. There are no significant drawbacks unless you are a scalper. I also do scalping, but my positions are on average in the market for about 5 minutes. I asked this question to the broker, and the support answered me that this rule is set by the bank. So I would not say that the broker only seeks to profit from the clients and gain at their expense.

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Plus the profit you get from using a bigger amount. AAFX Trading is a broker owned by AAFXTrading Company LTD, based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Also, they stated on the website that they have an office in Hong Kong under the name AAFX Trading Capital, which SFC listed as unregulated.

A new trend that is picking up momentum is trading in cryptocurrencies. A margin means that it is the amount of money essential in your account in order to open a place. Margin is planned based on the current price of the base currency against USD, the size of the position, and the leverage applied to your trading account.

Personally, I don’t see any hurdles which can prevent you from trading cryptos using this broker. I have absolutely no problems trading cryptocurrency, so I think that you will have neither. Trading FX or CFDs on leverage is high risk and your losses could exceed deposits.

I don’t see anything bad here, but I got accustomed to metatrader 4 so much that I a reluctant to alter my trading habits. Luckily, aafx supports mt4 and offers great trading conditions at the same time. AAFX is a great broker, who is only on the development stage and that is why it offers different bonuses.

Once this confidence is established, the investor will be marketed the idea of investing more money to earn greater returns. Additionally, other incentives may also be provided to encourage the investor to get their friends and family onboard the platform too. I only deposited 5k and with that 5k and the high leverage that they offered it! Trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs may not be suitable for all investors as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital. Traders should always understand the risks involved and invest only what they can afford to lose.

Except I’ve never met bonuses on EVERY deposit in any other company. Moreover, the follow-up bonuses are not smaller than the first one – you can get up to 30% from the sum if you are investing from 1000 dollars. In reality, you can build the whole strategy on this – making a deposit, fulfill the requirements of bonuses, withdraw the money, and make this all over again!

I like AAFX list of assets and their features, but I doubt about SVG registation. Finally, I made a decision to trade with AAFX and, to be fair, I’m 100% satisfied. If you think about this, I can make a suggestion – by guided about your own feelings of a broker, as all this regulations are more for regulators itself, not for traders. And at the same time, everything that this broker offers can really be applied in practice and nothing to think about. This is a big plus and I also believe that this broker can be considered a worthy partner in our business.